Sunday, April 6, 2014

Visual Studio Shortcuts: The Complete Guide

So I was gonna do this whole series of posts breaking out useful shortcuts into categories in bite sized chunks.  But that didn't happen cause I got bored with it.  But I still think it's really useful.  I have actually stopped using VSVIM and I just use VS's shortcuts now.  The only thing I really miss is vim's hjkl and w and b movement keys (the arrow keys are so far away!).

So, anyway, here's the big list of all the shortcut keys I have found useful and worth practicing.  Each category is roughly sorted by utility.  Hope it helps you too!

Ctrl+L: cuts the current line
Ctrl+del: Join lines
Shift+del: delete line
Ctrl+C with nothing selected: copies current line
Ctrl+F3: search for current select (like VIM *)
Ctrl+Enter; Ctrl+Shift+Enter: insert blank line above/below current line
Ctrl+Shift+W: select word (like VIM viw)
Ctrl+K, S: surround with
Ctrl+E, S: show white space
Ctrl+U: to lower case
Ctrl+Shift+U: to upper case
Ctrl+Shift+down/up: move cursor to next highlighted identifier
Ctrl+Shift+V: cycle clipboard ring
Ctrl+up/down: moves the scrollbar
Intellisense: use capital case to filter by camel case

Ctrl+R, R: rename
Ctrl+R, M: extract method

Ctrl+,: navigate to window
Ctrl+W, L: opens solution explorer
Ctrl+F2: move to navigation bar (the class and method dropdowns)
CUSTOM: Ctrl+W, ctrl+left/right arrow: move window to other tab group **Window.MovetoNextTabGroup/Window.MovetoPreviousTabGroup**
CUSTOM: Ctrl+W, Ctrl+W: switch focus to other tab group **TabGroupJumper.Connect.JumpLeft, requires TabGroupJumper extension**
Ctrl+W, E: opens error window
Ctrl+K, T: opens call hierarchy window (like Find all References, but more)
Ctrl+W, O: opens output window

Ctrl+D, A: opens autos window
Ctrl+D, I: opens immediate window
Ctrl+D, C: opens callstack window

Snippet designer extension: makes it really easy to create snippets
zencoding: comes with the Web Essentials extension, allows you to quickly expand HTML tag structure ex: div.content

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