Hi.  My name is Kevin Berridge and I’m a guy who makes stuff with code.  I've been working on products that (hopefully) make a difference in the Justice and Health Care industries since 2001 at Pointe Blank Solutions/Matrix Pointe Software.  My main experience has been with C# and SQL Server, but I've also worked with JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PowerShell, and F# and loved them all!  As Manager of Software Engineering, I've been focused on building quality software products with an outstanding and talented team.  My main emphasis is on delivering quality code and extremely usable applications using exciting tools and modern practices.  I love learning about what makes us tick and what influences how we do development today.  When I’m not hacking I’m probably playing jazz trombone, or out for a run.

kevin at kevinberridge.com

Pointe Blank Solutions/Matrix Pointe Software - The company I work for as Manager of Software Engineering.  We build great apps that exceed customer expectations and make a difference in the Justice and Health Care industries.

Burning River Developers - The technology agnostic meetup I used to run in Cleveland for passionate software developers who want to learn new things and be exposed to a wide array of software related topics.  This was great fun, but we went on hiatus while our company was relocating offices and to date haven't picked it back up again.

Projects on Bitbucket
Projects on Github
Gists on Github

OSS Contributions:
SimpleXml - my project
Mercurial (distributed version control): changeset 7dc2b, changeset e3809
Coypu (C# web testing framework): pull 77
Fluent Migrator (.NET DB Migrations): pull 62
MvcMailer (ASP.NET MVC emails): pull 43
Canopy (F# web testing framework): pull 59, pull 60
MiniProfiler (ASP.NET web profiler): pull 158

PowerShell: Bringing DevOps to Windows! - Abstractions 8/19/2016
The Cartography of Testing - CodeMash 1/8/2015
OOP: You're Doing It Completely Wrong (v2) - Stir Trek 4/4/2014
OOP: You're Doing It Completely Wrong - CodeMash 1/10/2014
Acceptance Testing: The Dirty Details - CodeMash 1/10/2014
Acceptance Testing (with Capybara and RSpec) - Burning River Developers 03/15/2012
Mastering Change With Mercurial - CodeMash 1/12/2012
The Shell Show: Bash and Powershell for developers - Burning River Developers 11/17/2011
Code Challenges - Burning River Developers 8/18/2011
Value Driven Development - Burning River Developers 4/13/2011

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