Thursday, April 23, 2009

The look and the feel

Those of you who read the random stuff I write here regularly will notice that I changed the blogger template to the real basic one. The reason is because this one stretches to fill the Window.

The length of my posts has been getting longer, and the old template constrained the post content to 460px. Which is just ridiculously small and made the long-ish posts I was writing look like bloody novels.

I may try to spend some time and create a very simple template all my own, but for now I think this one will do just fine. I mean, Steve Yegge uses it, so why can't I?

What are your thoughts on fixed width vs. variable width blogs? And what's an acceptable fixed width for a blog like this one?

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  1. In my opinion, a blog is really no different from other content that you read on the Internet. Most anything that I've read about good web design dictates that fluid, space filling designs are best. To support this, think about having to read a blog post and have your eyes continually moving back and forth like a typewriter as you're reading; not very pleasant.

    I'm not saying that static designs have no place, though. They're perfectly acceptable when the design is for, say, a web application.

    Great move with change to this template.


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