Wednesday, April 4, 2007


There are a few reasons for this blag.
  1. I like to write my opinions about software and technology like things.
  2. There is a wide community of people on the interweb who are writing similar things. This blog might allow me to join them.
  3. I have a website which includes a forum that I wrote in ASP over 5 years ago (as of this posting). Its been great fun, but it doesn't allow me to blog, as it were. Its too open and public. Its also hosted on a computer in my basement, which isn't terribly reliable.
  4. I thought I should learn how this blogging software worked.
I may port things I wrote on my original website to this blog if I feel like I'm getting something out of this. If I do, I'll indicate that's where it came from along with the original date in the interest of full disclosure.

And with that...

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